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And it even speaks on the page before you read the words - very interesting. Well done.
This is very good! I don't usually enjoy these "pattern" poems, but this one really spoke to me; you did a great job.
Very creative-well done.
I like it. You've presented the gospel message in a unique way. It read very well. Good job.
Good job! It's fun to experiment, huh? You pulled it off nicely...
Great piece. Thanks.
Beautiful! It seemed to dance as I read it aloud. I loved this... Kate~
How beautiful. I thank God that he is my Jehovah Shalom and Jehovah Rapha and Jehovah Nissi. No matter what name we use, it is still above all others and well worth the praise!
Simply beautiful poem.
You say you "tried your hand" at poetry? No way. This is not the work of a novice! It's absolutely beautiful! I found the link to the topic rather vague (although I have to admit: it could be staring me in the face and I'm too tired to see it right now). Congratulations, though. This is wonderful!
Wonderful job on this delightful and inspiring poem! Another possible pattern could be to center the whole poem on the page and have a diamond star pattern. I enjoyed this!
Great pattern, great message, great creative work - but a bit shy on the topic "END"...But absolutely a masterpiece in talent. I know this was time consuming, and you pulled it off gracefully, beautifully and creatively. Kudos!
Very impressive. I hope you're planning on 'trying your hand' at poetry again. This was well done and I liked the way the beginning and the end connected - in fact, I could picture them as a circle - without end, a symbol of eternity.
Loved, loved, loved it. Not only was it creative and different, the words were masterfully thought-out and extremely poetic. You have a gift for this type of writing.