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Amen! Well said. Blessings.
With a little work this could be an outstanding illustration for use in a Bible study. If you would like a few suggestions, please feel free to email me. Keep writing! God Bless.
Thanks Cheryl!

I will e-mail you soon about your suggestions.
I like this a lot--the present tense is effective here, and done well. I think you can leave out the next-to-last sentence about falling to the ground, and perhaps the one after've already made your point (and very well!) with the earlier writing, and the scripture verse. Good job capturing the marathoner's physical and mental state.
I love how you've used stilted sentences and repetition to convey the runner's feelings - very effective! I agree with Jan - I think this is stronger if you just end with the scripture. Great job, though. You write wonderful devotions!!!
Thanks for your comments Jan And Anita. I get your point about the last to sentences. I love writing devotionals. My question to you both is this. Is this article reflect the topic (End)?
In my opinion, it's on topic.
Hi Anita
What is a stilted sentence?
I don't run but I have been a sideline spectator at Grandma's Marathon in northeastern Minnesota. You helped me understand the agony and bone-weariness I have seen etched on runners' faces as they straggle in, each of them determined to finish the race. This was very good!
Now I'm exhausted!
Thanks for your comment Sandra. You think running this race is tiring, try writing about this race. I got very tired.
Super job! Great inspiring piece and a masterpiece of an ending! Only one goof.."gave" instead of "give". I loved it from beginning to triumphant End! Keep up the good work! Kudos!