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Very touching story.
Beautiful description; a wonderful allegory! Good job!
I enjoyed your story very much. Although, I must say it was difficult at first to figure out if Mercy was someone who had received God's gift of salvation, or Jesus or ...? It was a beautifully written stroy and captivated me to the very end.
Oh, one more thing. I loved that the topic "break" was the main point in your story. You really used the topic well.
I love the symbolism! And the description of the wings was excellent; I thought I saw them right in front of me!
Very well written out. Interesting reading, would be for the youngsters as well. God bless ya, littlelight
Very nice! I've never attempted an allegory--they seem to me very difficult-- but you've done a remarkable job of it here.
I was drawn into your story at once! It was like sitting down, opening up a book and walking right into a fable. I could see everything vividly and I was caught up emotionally. What a beautiful way to show God's mercy and redemption towards our brokeness. Wonderful writing!
Wonderful writing, wonderful story. You spoke volumes with this one, it really touched me. Congratulations on a job well done. (And I don't think you should stay in the "Beginner" category, your writing is definitely at a more advanced level.)

This is a story you should pursue telling to an even wider audience. Your blessing is also your responsiblity - use your wings! :)
Very good story! I hope one day to write even half as good as that. As I read I wanted to know more about the little world you created with the shadow people, Mercy and the King. Great allegory and use of the topic.
A beautifully written tale, wonderful descriptions and detail.
This was very well written. wow! Creative, different, and meaningful. Very good! Best of luck with your writing!
Aside from the tiny mistake regarding... "whom she (KNEW) quite well"...I agree this is NOT Beginners stuff! It was definitely above average to the point of being an artistic Masterpiece! A "page-turner", as they say; couldn't wait to get to the next line! Great Job!
Awesome! Wonderful have a lot of talent. Congratulations on a superb article!
Wonderfully written.
With a strong message too.May God bless your writings.
Your story of Crystal Wings was very enjoyable. This could easily be turned into a short story. Thanks for writing such a excellend piece.
Mercy and forgiveness, what a wonderful gift from the Lord? Your words are smooth and your imagination is clear. Nicely written. I enjoyed it.