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Good reminder that He is in control, even when things get scary. Our own car was "out-of-control" last week, with the accelerator sticking, and me unable to slow down the vehicle for what seemed like an eternity. But it's true that He's already on the scene before we are. Good job!
Whew--I think about angels watching over us. Nice work on your story. Very vivid descriptions. God bless ya, littlelight
Thank God for that assurance that He is indeed in control. Your article was very interesting and very readable.
Very good lesson! Would you consider approaching this another way? (the accident-in-slow-motion idea has been done quite a bit). You're a good writer--look for unique approaches to familiar situations to make your work stand out.
Well written story. Very visual, you give a great sense of place. I would like to have known more about the character's feelings and physical reation. A timely reminder that God is in control even when we aren't or we don't think he is.
This was pretty good. I liked how she got a new car out of the deal. Shows it worked for good and reminded me of the out come of my only accident. :)

I'd like to make one suggestion though. How about if you started it with the line about a distant horn warning of danger instead of telling it as a flashback? I think that is a much more attention grabbing opener than waiting for a light to change.
Other than some dialogue issues in the third paragaraph this is a very well done narrative. Thanks for posting.
Well done! You had me all the way through. One suggestion: "Later, once the dust and his insurance had settled, God’s ability to protect her came to mind." Clarify whose insurance it is--possibly use 'the other driver's'. I like your use of 'once the dust and the insurance had settled'. Great phrase!
Great story! All those helpful comments show that everyone here thinks you're on the right track and they're pulling for you to keep going. You've got a great "voice", you've sucked the reader into the story, and you've presented a very important message. So keep at it!
I have to ask, Cheryl, did this actually happen? When you described the silver Jeep continuing to move and pulling into the gas station, I thought 'hit-and-run driver'. Good lessons here about the protection offered by the Lord over situations out of our own control! Thanks for sharing!
Great writing! You don't belong in beginners. I've been in an accident like this and the reason the slow motion wreck has been done is that it really happens that way. Solid lesson, right on topic. Well done!