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I don't know from what context you are writing this piece, but I feel as though I need to hug you and pray with you and walk with you till you rediscover the One who has never left you - not even once.

The heavenly postman has delivered the message.
Reminiscent of David's "How long will you hide Your face from me?" Psalm.
Oh, I don't know what to say! I have also had those thoughts and some lingering doubts; but that is only the devil discouraging us. You do good by helping others - which is all He asks of us. "Love the Lord thy GOd with all thy heart and mind and soul...and treat your fellow man as you would yourself."
Yes, there are so many questions we have no answers for...but don't let the Devil win! Go into a closet and pray...Jesus suggests that in the Bible. Thomas also doubted: read about his unbelief in the scripture. God Bless you.
Donna, this is so practical, it has just touched the very situation of my present life. Oh i need a friendly hug...