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You pulled me into your story line right from the start. You are a wonderully talented writer. There were a few punctuation errors, but let me tell you again, I really enjoyed this!! Thank you for sharing such an entertaining story, I look forward to reading more.
What an original piece of work! Very well done.
Very nice, gave me chills reading it. Poor little dog, but the "end of a matter is better than its beginning" (Ecc 7:8).
A well told story (I'm not sure about the puppy going to heaven) but nicely done :)
I really enjoyed this story, Teri! It is very heartwarming and well told. I would divide the second paragraph into two separate ones, though. I smell a winner!!!

Teri, I really enjoyed this too. I think it was well written and effective. You made me want to kill those NASA guys for doing that to the poor little puppy - and I don't even like dogs! lol

The only suggestion I would make would be to break your second paragraph into smaller paragraphs. Other than that, I think you did a great job.

(wonders off shaking head, "Poor little puppy...") ;)
02/03/06's just a dog! (I'm a cat person.) It would have been fun if Dmitry had been revealed as a Cat in disguise.

Just kidding. This is great and the ending wraps it up nicely. (I wanted to offer constructive criticism you asked for, but this is well done as it is.) Don't linger in Level 1 too long - you don't belong there.
Well done Teri! I'm a dog lover and you captured the plight of this dog beautifully. I can't offer any more than what's been said so I get to say 'You did a fantastic job - especially for your first time!"
Yep - your days in the beginner level are numbered! My only critique would be to work the first paragraph a little differently, rather than stating who the dog is, let the reader discover for themselves, apart from that - well done!
Very well written! You really gave that little dog a lot of personality. I may touch off a flurry of protests, here, but I'm "iffy" on the dog going to heaven. Very charming story.
You have a gift with words. You write smoothly. My constructive crit is that I just read a story of someone telling a story. I'd have much rather just read the story. Make sense? Keep it up! You're doing good.
Good job developing the dog's perspective. Fascinating lesson in history as well!
Good job developing the dog's perspective. Fascinating lesson in history as well!
I wanted to cry..I am a dog lover, but I like all the animals. I thought your story was great! unique, and touching. It pulled me in, and sailed straight through. Thank you for sharing! God bless ya, littlelight
I'm one who would disagree about the dog going to heaven, but that's inconsequential when looking at your writing skill - which is GREAT! Congrats on the EC placement!
Congrats on your win, and well done on being so creative with the theme.
Very well written story!
Aww, it brought tears to my eyes! It makes me miss my dog. I love animals and it hurts me to see them in pain like that. It was incredibly well-written and definitely deserved being one of the Editors' Choice! I think you'll have to move up a level; your talent extends beyond the beginner's level!
I remember Laika. I was a youngster at the time. Space travel was a dream just starting for the world and for my imagination. I remember seeing Laika's picture on TV as she traveled weightless. She looked happy then. I was happy. Then I heard that she had died in space as there was no plans to bring her back. I was terribly sad. Even to this day.

Thank you for a wonderful story and NOW a happy ending for me after all these years.

God bless and keep writing.
Amazing story! Such a wonderful article on this touching subject. You did it materfully.
I loved your story.
Loved this one when I read it in the anthology (didn't know it was your first entry OR your first EC!) and loved it again. You were BORN good, girl! ;)
Very nice, Teri!
WOW! Great first!! I am one who would certainly like to think we will have our furry companions in heaven!
Great story! Nicely written for a first entry.
Today is the 50th anniversity of Sputnik and in a few short days the "anniversary" of sending Laika up. It still brings tears to my eyes to remember her.
Laika - tomorrow will be 50 years since I saw you floating around in that space capsule, you looked so happy then. Thank you for such a good writer of this article to remember you also. I do hope that the essence of it is true.

Your friend,