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Good job using dialogue to present your ideas.

I wanted to know more about the characters. Who was the child? How old? What was the article for? You could include this information by interspersing the dialogue with descriptions of what the characters were doing before, during, and at the end.
I appears to be well written but I am not able to put my mind around convoluted ideas.
the use of dialog was good. the scriptures used were not 'wasted'; however it was hard to follow what was the "point" of the story.

It did hold my interest. at the end I was left hanging.
I like your approach to depicting the scattered internal dialogue that we experience as we sort out what goes into our writing. To prsonify the dialogue is a very creative touch. Well done.
Love the title. And I love the dialogue between the mother and daughter. I love that the daughter is seeking and searching the scriptures for truth. And I love that the mom is listening, gently guiding, and not freaking out because her daughter is presenting some "different" interpretations of scripture. Like that mom, I know and trust, that all who diligently seek Truth … will be found. This is well written and thought-provoking. Well done!

PS> If this dialogue truly represents an idea for a novel, I would have to agree with the mom that it should have a more uplifting ending. :-) There's nothing worse than investing hours of your life engrossed in a novel that leaves you depressed in the end. :-)
You may be a beginner writer, but you have been thinking for a long time. I get this! My brain works the same way. Don't give up on your novel way of thinking. God's ways are so novel to our way of thinking!
I really enjoyed this. The Holy Spirit is amazing. As I am reading this, I'm in a great deal of physical pain. Your words spoke to my heart. I also went to a funeral of a really godly man today and thought about heaven. I can't imagine how I'd be able to reconcile if I got to Heaven and a loved one wasn't there. No answer I can think of comforts me (not remembering a loved one makes me feel horrible and knowing someone was separated from God in Hell is more than agonizing too. But the cool thing is we don't need the answers. God has them. You did a great job on this. Hugs.