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Great story. Enjoyed the read. And glad it turned out good.
This is so funny! I love it. I'm still laughing as I type these words. Here's a favorite line: "And that's just the house! They get incense everywhere! In their car, on the streets, at their jobs, everywhere!"
...and entertaining us. lol!
...and entertaining us. lol!
Your title opened a different door to what I was expecting, but you developed credible imagery that kept me with you. I liked your close, though the witnessing scenario placed Chris in a potential set-up for further temptation if he were to be the lady's prime source of future counsel. Despite that concern, congrats on a unique perspective.
Thanks for this! Such an interesting and humorous story. This is a winner in my book!
Congrats on writing such an illustrious piece with a creative edge.

This will garner the judges attention for sure.

Yes, if only we would use God's grace instead of abuse it.
Would we need God's grace if we were where we really should be and doing what we should be doing?

Look at stories from the other side to get a full picture of what it looks like.