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Loved your wrap-up, the Bible does provide all the answers for our life here and now, and the hereafter.

Well done,

For years I've seen and heard of the game 'Clue', but always wondered what it was like. Now I know. I love the way you tactfully build all the way up to the weighty Truth. Thank you. Nice article.
This is a nice devotion. I liked that you shared a personal experience so the reader can relate. I have to admit the first thing I thought of was the board game too. Since many devotions have a super short word allotment (often under 300), I might have focused just on the one part about dying. The other ideas are interesting, but didn't pull me in as much. Also, if you had just stuck to one example, you could have developed it a bit more too. I think you were right on the topic. You have a clear Christian message, and your Bible verse is a great fit. Just a couple more quick thoughts: Put Author's Note or Footnotes at end with an asterisk for Bible translation. (You don't need all the copyright info, just what version you used.) If you add a footnote, it doesn't count towards your word count in this challenge. Also, since this is such a great devotion, I'd love to see you add a prayer too. So many people aren't sure how to pray, and I enjoy prayers with devotions so much. Overall, though, you did a great job. You brought the article full circle too.
Congratulations Marlene! Your short devotional is well written. You use everyday experiences well as an introduction to your main message. Interesting about that game 'Clue'. I live in Australia and I think we had a game like that called 'Cluedo'. Keep up the writing!