The Official Writing Challenge
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So well done, I loved the scripture at the end, a fav of mine along with so many more. I truly enjoyed reading this, and so many truths that resonated throughout this piece.

Hello! I loved your post. When I first came to Christ 35+ years ago, in each and every service my pastor said to us "Let go and let God". That phrase was long ago burned into my heart, but I think its been buried lately. Thank you so much for digging it up for me. You're a blessing. Job well done!

One more thing: I notice it is easier to NOT take it back if we can fond a way to remove the situation from our sight for a while. Ya know? Thanks again.
Well done with some good thoughts. A little tweaking and in depth editing could produce a good devotional.
Thank you for taking the time to submit to the challenge. You did a good job on this.

(red ink) I caution the use of politically correct terms such as the one used in Point 4 - "Indian Giver". That could spark some real negative feedback in some circles.

May God continue to bless you with words to write.