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Really honest entry with so many scenarios that many will relate to. You've certainly without a doubt nailed the subject very well.

Nicely done...and its so refreshing to see honesty and down to earth comments about everyday life issues.

Well done.

Hello! I agree that we don't feel restless like that when we are reading God's Word or doing what he created us to do. Sounds like you are a very creative person and also a musician. It is creative to exercise when you have to wait. I enjoyed your post. One thing I see that would make it better, and cause it to have a lot of impact on others is to simply re-arrange the last paragraph a little bit. What if you left the reader inspired to read God's Word or to do what he or she knew the Lord created him or her to do? Maybe like this:
I notice I don't feel restless when I am either playing the keyboard, playing games on my tablet, or reading either the Bible or a novel. Maybe God uses restlessness to point us in the right direction. (End of red pen. : ) All in all, I was inspired by your article, and thank you for reminding me that God's Word and His purpose for me gives me peace. Peace and blessings to you precious writer!
Good job on writing in the challenge. (red ink)I like the different scenarios, but think each paragraph could end in a transition to segue to the next thought so that there could be a flow in the reading. (red ink)

May God keep blessing you with words to write.
You give some great examples of how hard it can be to wait sometimes. I think others can easily relate to these things. Nice job.