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Great comparison to Scrappy and Hunter, and our Christian walk. I enjoyed this story. God bless.
An interesting story. I like the parallels between the dogs and our relationship with Christ. Here are some tips:
1) For numbers ten and under, spell out the word. For anything larger than ten, the numeral is good.
2) Use the Preview feature and slowly read aloud your story. You'll likely catch that "then" should be "than." ...home to them more then anyone. Doing this has save me many Oops! moments.
3) Check out Jan's Writing Basics in the Forums for use of punctuation, such as commas. Lots of opportunity to learn. Helped me trememdously.

Nice story.
I especially liked the following lesson you present in your story:

'When the questions we have about following God’s leading overwhelms us, we often have faith that staying back will be better than going."

There are a few editing issues, but that's ok. We all have that at times. Overall, a very nice and enjoyable read.

Good job. I hope you keep writing. God Bless.
Congratulations on your 2nd place in the Beginners category.

I like your illustration of life using dogs.