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Beautifully written - wonderful devotion. Thank you!
Our calm and safety is indeed found in Yeshua. You've offered me encouragement and lots to think about. A little red ink would be to break up your paragraphs. People are more apt to read your devotional, if it's in smaller bites. (Your devotional was personal for me too because our nephew and his family lived in New Orleans near one of the levies that broke after Hurricane Katrina went through. Fortunately, they evacuated before the storm hit but lost everything in the floods.) Thank you for sharing.
I really enjoyed the lessons you pulled and the descriptions you used.

Some things to think about for the future: try to introduce your topic with something that will really pull the reader in. For example, instead of beginning with a date, you could begin with a statement about the total destruction of hurricanes.
Well done, and good teaching to be in the eye of the storm where Jesus/Yeshua can find us.
This is a beautiful devotion. It's timely too as we enter the new hurricane season, yet don't know how bad it will be. We do know God is with us to help us through any storm.

My main suggestion would be to not begin with in inactive sentence. Even better, maybe begin with a conflict. For example, I might suggest an edit like this: on a gorgeous morning in August 2005, my husband and I were driving on the highway next to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, totally unaware of what would happen next. As we chatted, we marveled at the beautiful majestic oaks that dotted the landscape and the mansions that overlooked the sandy beaches.
Just with these little adjustments, I tried to paint a picture for your reader while tightening the sentences up some. Although where you were driving and why are vivid in your mind, the reader really doesn't need these extra details. There's also a sense of a conflict and suspense.
You've done a great job of writing on topic while delivering a wonderful message. I think you have a great knack for writing devotions with powerful messages. You also have a great start on writing mental pictures for the reader. Keep writing and also I'd like to challenge you to read and comment on every story in your level and at least two in each of the other levels. The more you read and leave constructive criticism the more you'll hone your own writing skills. You need to do this because I really suspect God has great plans for your writing!