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Great introduction. I had to think about that for a bit. (Note on the first sentence: combine the first two sentence fragments with a comma to make them one complete sentence and give them a better flow)
I love your point and your illustration. They made me smile. Well done!
Very stimulating submission. I had to get a cup of coffee to wake me up to understand the content. It made me want to read it over again to gain the perspective you were trying to achieve. And, Yes, "you know your identity is in God" as you pointed out. Many people forget that awesome truth and strive too much in their personal accomplishments. Great job! Keep writing!
Great topic! I agree with this truth of our identity being in Christ and not what we do. I'd like to see this more developed.
Oh, I like this. I dislike when I am labeled - not because I have been labeled, but because I usually don't think the label fits. Most labels benefit the labeler, not the one who has been labeled. One of my Pet Peeves.