The Official Writing Challenge
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That verse you quote from Psalm 90:10 is a verse in a very powerful chapter. It speaks of sin and the wrath of God. If our days are filled with toil and trouble, then that is a hard pill to swallow. The verses following, then, tell us to number our days to gain wisdom, seek the Lord's compassion and mercy so that we can rejoice all of our days instead. Thanks for the reminder from Scripture.
Wow! I recognized the reason I waited so many years to take on the writing challenge! It's writing to topic and the long process of figuring out a spiritual message. I smiled through your processing because I could tell we are of the same generation - and think quite differently from the young. Enjoyed this.
I enjoyed this. You have a wonderful sense of humor. It's subtle, but for me that makes it even better. Normally, I'd suggest you not mention the challenge or contest since if it ever does get published in an anthology, all of the readers may not understand the challenge aspect. But I think it worked here. I felt like a fly on the wall of your brain watching the gears turn, brake, switch directions, and zoom off again. That fly could have a similar experience on my brain too. You did a fine job of writing on topic while delivering a great message.
Great reading breaking down all the factors specifics I enjoyed reading articlr