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Great inspiration to "get up a great while before day." I think we're supposed to avoid the use of the theme word, but I liked this piece. Would make a nice devotional or Bible Study.
Powerful message and well done!
You show true writing talent in this piece. I encourage you to keep writing for the challenge and work your way up to Masters. About using the topic word in your writing... you are asked not to use the word as your TITLE but using the word in the body of your entry is fine. I always try not to over use the word in the body just so it will force me to get the topic theme across by using better word choices. But that is just my own way... it is not a rule.
The way you start out sounds like my day! I like your title. I think sometimes we make ourselves so busy that we crowd God out of our lives. The reminder to be still and know He is God is a good reminder. Some re-prioritization may be in order for our lives.
An excellent piece with a great message. Well done and keep going!
You have a great sense of humor. When I read your first few paragraphs, I felt like I was hearing an infomercial. I could almost see the host on TV. I really thought it might have been a tongue-in-cheek story where what you were "selling" turns out to be totally free and you can receive an extra for a family member or friend--Jesus' Love! Because of your wonderful sense of humor and great way you have of expressing yourself, I'd encourage you to try something like that. I think it would come naturally for you and make your message even stronger. I also thoroughly enjoyed the second half as well. That would make a great devotional. I think you'd be great going in either direction, but might want to consider not merging both formats into one. This shows what a versatile writer you are. You did a great job of writing on topic. (It's fine to use the topic word, although some of the best pieces I've read were clearly on topic without ever using the topic word. I bet you could do that too because I see the talent you have.) Your words touched my heart and made me stop and think.