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Well said and written
Good reminder to not let our mood dictate our wonder of God's amazing creation.
Good job...I really liked the last paragraph.
You know, I used to complain about the weather, too, until I read in the Psalms that the great Weather Maker scatters the snow and befuddles us with frost. So complaining about the weather is to complain about God's clear judgement on what weather we should get on a particular day. So out of love for Jesus, I don't do that anymore. As for winter, don't'cha think snow-lined naked branches look breathtaking as they seem to dance heavenward to praise the LORD who brought them forth into being? I especially love evergreens lined with a fresh fall of silky snow. But I digress. Your piece was priceless. You are a swell writer, and your words convey that a real person is confiding in you about how they feel. I could sense your love of the LORD, and I am so happy to hear it written in words and sung to my spirit. Keep at it, kiddo, and there's no telling where your writing will wind up. Probably even get published. Blessings...Norm
You are a strong writer. Watch at for correct spelling and sentence structure. You have a talent to paint pictures with your words. The reader doesn't just read them they see them. Keep writing the world needs this.
Now that you mention winter; I wonder if winter is part of the curse because of Adam. No matter we should be thankful for the days God gives us whether summer or winter.

You have given us readers something to think about.