The Official Writing Challenge
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Thank you for your message, well done.

His truth is amazing and I love hearing those proclaim it.

Very nice!
I absolutely adore the passages you presented in your piece. When I read my Bible, they make me smile, so I have memorized most of them. And yeah, you're right: It is mind blowing that this Almighty God wants to share His glorious kingdom with wretches such as we. So, you nailed it, buddy. Big time. Keep up the good work, and keep using the good Word to back up your convictions. You do it so effortlessly that it is God's gift to you. That, and your talent at writing. So use that talent to count for the kingdom, and remember Jesus said He will reward you for that. Blessings and love...Norm
The message is wonderful. Watch out for tenses such as learn when it should be lesson. Keep writing and know that as you continue to write and build upon what you learn. You will get better and better.
You have here a good Bible lesson.

When you think of the "Trinity", we are also a trinity. God formed Adam from the earth. God breathed into him the breath of life and he became a living soul. We are body, spirit and soul.