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My heart goes out to you. This is so difficult to those who are witnessing the decay of the loved ones mind. I was a specialist in this disorder in the nursing home I worked at for years.

But, you embraced it with class and peace from which could only come from "His Amazing Grace" -- thank you for sharing this with us.

Well written and heartfelt,

God bless you both in this journey~
Your testimony encourages us to not give in to despair, but to wait for the promised joy - that passes understanding.
Praying for strength, peace, and joy for you and your husband. I, along with my brothers, sisters, and my wife, cared for my mother who had Alzheimer's until she passed. Being both wife and caregiver is, undoubtedly, a difficult path to walk. I know in my heart that the Holy Spirit is with you, Jesus walks beside you, and Father God on His throne looks down with love and compassion.
Dear Joy, your piece was a joy to read. It must have been terrifying going through what you both endured. But you're right--our God is amazing. And He helped you through it all. I appreciate your masterful use of alliteration, for that is the mark of a good writer. You did forget to put question marks on some of your queries, and I have the same problem; so, remember to proofread, Proofread, PROOFREAD. And you'll be an even more excellent writer than you are now. Blessings!
This was so personal and heartfelt. Your journal entry was very eloquent and profound. What an encouragement this will be to others in the same situation.
What a powerful, descriptive piece of writing. You took me into your world in a profound way.
Your writing is a true gift which, with your experience, I believe, will be a ministry to others in similar trials.
A very well written personal life story. Your emotions came to the surface and we felt them even if we did not enjoy them.

A good lesson for others in many ways.

Let's also here from some of your journaling of years gone by.
Your entry touches on sensitive and challenging things. My family has its own dealings with Alzheimer's. Thank you for your submission.
It was such a relief to hear you found relief! Perhaps many people suffer not knowing the resources they have. This was interesting and well written. I know many could relate to the despair even if their situation was of a different kind.
Great writing. Heartbreaking story.
Great writing. Heartbreaking story.
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