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This was well thought out. Nothing rash about your outline.
You have a delightful sense of humor. I found myself chuckling multiple times as I read this. Go back and count how many times you used the word rash. I bet you'll be surprised. You can write on topic without ever using the topic word. Check out Master's level for some examples. Some of the best stories show the topic instead of using the word. I think you're a strong enough writer that I'd like to challenge you next time to write on topic without using the topic word at all or only once. I believe you can do it. You also might want to double space between paragraphs to give the reader more white space. I enjoyed the read from beginning to end. You have a clear and powerful message. Good job.
This is a well written personal life-story that opens the way for exposing more of your thoughts and actions as you grew in Christ.

Nicely done.