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I totally can relate. I have two Poms who will pee outside, but one isn't good about pooping out. Nothing is more annoying than squishing poo between your toes. Although that is gross, I added it to show you a way to paint a picture for your reader while instilling some humor. I like that you read your Bible at the end of the day, but would have enjoyed it if you included a verse that comforts you on a particularly bothersome day. You have a great start, I just want a bit more. Perhaps add some dialog, body language, and thoughts. I know I mumble under my breath: "Am I the only one who knows how a dishwasher works?" I'd like to challenge you to read and comment on every article in this level. Then read and comment on a couple in higher levels too. I've found by leaving feedback, I learn what I like (humor for example) so I try to include that in my stories. You may be a new writer, but you've been reading for many years so you do have the experience to leave feedback. It will make others feel good and help you learn more about your own writing. Good job.
Wow! Your life does sound annoying. Glad it isn't mine... I have a cat that talks too much, also, and I get annoyed and tell him to shut his meowing mouth. Then I feel guilty. Annoyance sucks rotten eggs--doesn't it? Anyway, good job. Could've been a little longer, but you got your point across without being preachy. But pay attention to your spelling and punctuation. These are the marks of a good writer. Well done, faithful one! Keep writing, and the One who gave you the gift will only help you to get better and better!
You definitely have an interesting and unique take on this topic, from what I have read so far.

It left me wanting more. What else can you tell us about those cats? What do they look like? How do they smell? How would you describe the setting? You have piqued my interest and I would love to see this developed into a longer story.
It seems like it is the little things that annoy. I think this is why James 1 tells us to count it all joy when we face various trials since we will have so many of them.

You have taken the first steps in writing and that is to put our feelings onto the paper.

Good work getting this done.
Good essay topic...perhaps expand a bit.