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Moving can be a very stressful time, no matter the circumstances.

Keep praying and God will keep you strong. I pray your new place will be filled with love and good memories for years to come.

Well done...and certainly on topic.

Moving is so bitter-sweet: a time of saying goodbyes but also a time of renewal.
Praying first is such a great 'take-away' lesson from your article!
Thank you for taking the time to write about this week's word.

Reread your article and see if you happen to see where you could make any changes.

You said you want to be happy when you finish moving but God wan't you to have joy not. In James 1 he tells us all to consider each trial a joy and it sounds like this moving experience is a trial. so count it as a joyful experience.

Good work. Keep writing.
Turn it over to GOD and He will see you through. A new beginning and new blessings in your new home.
You are definitely on topic with this entry.

Try showing us what's going on rather than just telling us. Give us some dialogue. Just because this is a true story doesn't mean that you have to recall dialogue word for word.

Also, I've read some of your other entries, and noticed you've said you're writing a book. Have you considered trying fiction for the challenge? Maybe try the same genre of your book. Sometimes it's easier to write dialogue and make things more engaging if you aren't worried about getting everything exactly right for a true story.

Remember that you can enter any genre for the challenge. I'd encourage you to branch out a bit and try something different for the challenge sometime. You might surprise yourself!

If you need some inspiration, you can read some of the entries in masters. I experiment all the time in the challenge and have found my "niche" but it took awhile. And even then, I still branch out and try new things.

Keep entering and try the grammar and writing lessons on the forums, and I think you'll see your writing improve.