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I like your concept of more books in heaven. You could have mentioned that I believe John said that this world could not hold all the words of what Jesus did in his short 3 years of ministry.
Good job.
It's great to be reminded how many times the Bible refers to books and writing. After all Jesus himself is "the Word". Good job.
You certainly got my attention! Keep up the good writing and just a little reminder--Each week the powers that be direct us to NOT use the weekly challenge word as part of the title.

Be blessed abundantly! Betty
Thank you for your submission! The phrase, "Our God is a Writer" stood out in my mind, and made me feel so privileged to know Him. Have you ever tried using dialog? This might be a great scene, as different books "talk back" from God's creative library! Great job!
There is some scientific sniffing going on here with some thought also. Some of these thoughts are given to us by God while others are ours to imagine.

The "sound" of this writing is somewhat different than most writings but this is what makes it different.

I liked it.
Congratulations on your 3rd place finish in the Beginners category, Michelle.

To be honest, I never thought about a library in heaven. But God is the Word, the Bible is a book sent down from God, and there are many mentions of scrolls or written words mentioned throughout the Bible.