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Great job with the build up and describing the discomfort of an unfamiliar situation. I enjoyed the conclusion, as I've also found that group of people to be a friendly and welcoming bunch.
It's amazing how much we benefit from the things that we feared the most...once we face them. Most often our fears are unfounded, just like this persons experience. Good read. Thanks! Penny
I could feel the emotions that go along with cold feet. I also liked the detail of walking through a small crowd.

Good writing! Keep it up!!
Great job with this!
This sounds like a personal challenge successfully met. Well written with emotional thoughts and actions giving readers a view of the writers fears - fears successfully conquered.

Well written.
That was a great story of overcoming your fear, loved all the descriptions and how your thought process was going.
Good job
You overcame your fears&decided to do your part.this is wonderful. Keep it up