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Great thoughts and lessons in this piece. I really liked the analogy you made.

Red Ink: I think the intro could be more attention grabbing with a description of a diamond's beauty.

Try putting a space between paragraphs to aid in presentation.
There were some valuable lessons in this entry. The gem I gleaned in your story was, "Regardless of our value in the world's eyes, God sees us as a invaluable."

One suggestion that may enhance your story is possibly going into a diamond mine and evaluate the process from beginning.

Keep up your writing.
Your writing had many excellent comparisons between a diamond in the rough and the Christian life.

It might be good to add a personal story or antedote to add more interest to your first paragraph.
Great job with the topic. Well done, thanks for sharing.
You put a little of science in this article to illustrate how the Holy Spirit we receive when we are baptized (See Acts 2:38) works on us. He, the Holy Spirit, keeps chiseling on our rough spots to make us more like Jesus.

The instructions, be faithful till death, means we must keep letting the Holy Spirit work on us so we grow in Christ's image.

Keep writing and reminding us of how God works is us.
Well done, and great analogy. We are indeed valuable stones being cut and polished as e grow more into Christ's likeness. Thanks for the reminder He hasn't finished with us yet.

Only red ink is the need for white space.

Lots of meaningful and lovely thoughts and comparisons in this piece. To help know when, where, and how to present your great thoughts in a definable sequence, it may help (before you develop your essay) to first outline the piece, and then create your final draft following that outline.

Congratulations on your second place finish in the beginner category.

Congrats Martha,
Well done,
Congratulations on winning 2nd place in the Beginner's category, Martha.