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This was a well written and very interesting story. You kept me wanting to read more. As an artist who was told I could not draw, and not doing art for 25 years, I found I had talent and have received honor for my work.
The story really touched me and it was on target for the topic. Keep up the good work.
‚Äč"a bass trumpet snuggled in the arms of a teddy bear" is good descriptive wording. I could see it.

You have a long, run-on sentence when the Professor speaks. Using punctuation can break them up for better flow. For example:

You wrote:
"Please note that it says there will be a class voting at the end of the semester for the best works to be entered in the annual Fine Arts Festival which is held at the end of the school year."

Could be reworded as:
"Please note: at the end of the semester there will be a class vote. You will decide the best works as entries for the annual Fine Arts Festival. This is held at the end of the school year. It's all explained in the syllabus."

When you described the Japanese Sumi brush, my first thought was 'a surgeon's scapel.' When I later read his dad was a surgeon, I thought you might be using it for comparison. That would have been a nice complement to your story, to help the dad realize one doesn't need to be a surgeon to have precision work. Making connections is something to work on.

You paint good word pictures. Keep writing.
This is a well written description of a classroom filled with emotion and expectation because of the developed characters.

Nice work.

The first part of it could be a start for a short story. The last part then could be the scene right before the breaking news. But who would it break? The son? or the parents?

Again. Nice work.
Great job with the topic, thank you for sharing this inspiring story.