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Amen! So true, well done.
A good reminder. God bless.
Well done and so true. The world is full of evil but the knowledge that you have learned and shared gives us confidence. Can I just suggest a good read before submission to iron out the small mistakes. Blessings
Yes, to focus on Christ makes all other things seem out of focus, and we can concentrate on His message to us. Thank you for sharing. Please watch where commas need to be inserted, and possibly a new paragraph will break up a continuous long one. Well done...keep writing! God Bless.
This is a much needed reminder in today's world. It seems to be spiraling out of control, but God is still on the throne.
A well written reminder with positive verses for thought.
This is a lovely devotion. You make some great points. God does want us to hand over all of our worries.

One thing I'd recommend is to break it into maybe 3 or 4 smaller paragraphs. Also, words like overtake, cannot, and without are all one word.

I liked the verse you chose. It fit your message nicely. I also think you did a good job of writing on topic.
You did a nice job of explaining how worry and fear robs us of basking in his glory. Depression and anxiety are difficult for people to really understand--even those who deal with it daily.

Suggestions for improvement:
Add space between paragraphs to let the thoughts flow as they simmer in the reader's mind. Also, use the Preview button before submitting. It gives you a fresh view of your work. Preview gives you limitless opportunities to let your work shine.

Keep writing.
Pretty cool piece. I think you are writing about something that most Christians do partake in. The average person watches 6.5 hours of tv per day. Why participate in a failed experience? The World has no new ideas. I think what I would like to see instead of slip back into the world, some specifics would really help. This wetted my appetite in getting towards the truth for myself. In that, it is highly commendable.