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Great work on the topic!
And the illustration of a deadline write up exemplifying the Christian struggle to follow the teachings of the Master, is right on topic too.

Fascinating concept. It started me thinking about what I would write in my 500 words.
I felt it would be easier to read if you broke it up into more paragraphs.
The ending was energising and made the reader think about where they are at in their Christian walk. I enjoyed it.
Thanks for the read
Although this message has been presented several times with this topic, I enjoyed your fresh and out of the box take on the topic.

I might consider tightening some lines. For example, this: You don’t even want to pass you actually want to excel. might become this: Passing isn't enough; you want to excel. Also, I think you might be surprised at how many times you used the word write-up. Don't be afraid to mix it up with essay, article, or even thoughts.

Overall, you presented an important message in an intriguing way. It will make the reader stop and think and that's what a good writer should do.
The best comment I could give was just enthusiastically offered by my sister and echoed by me fervently:

"He/she sounds just like Mike! He sounds like Mike!"

Mike, my beloved preacher hubby just went home to nestle in His Arms last April. What you have written would be applauded by him, and our hearts and prayers go to you to continue the ministry you articulate so well.
This piece of writing really got me thinking about who I am in Christ and how well I could articulate that in 500 words.
Congratulations on your 2nd place finish in the Beginners category, Emmanuella.
Congrats on placing second.

Great approach to the topic.

I agree, with God's word, the truth we should not beat around the bush. We must use the time we have wisely. Tick tock!

Many Blessings!