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This was well done!
You have a very interesting concept here. Your article got me thinking that by the way a person acts, he or she can agree to disagree with what the Lord is wishing to accomplish in and through us. In other words, that by being passive, a person in a sense is only tolerating but not truly accepting the Lord...that is convicting and very powerful. A place where I see potential for improvement is in making some of the sentences more concise and the thoughts more organized ) as well as paying closer attention to punctuation. I think this will help slow down the flow a little bit and your message , which is very powerful, will come through more clearly. Thank you for sharing this with us, I enjoyed reading this. God bless you.
Like Pharaoh, people can often find themselves at odds with the Sovereign King.

At first, I wondered if this was meant to be poetic. Check punctuation and word choice and meter.

The message is good, though. Humility is necessary for putting selfishness aside.
Even though God is sovereign, He does allow us to make decisions.

The formatting made this piece difficult for me to read. Before you hit submit, change all spacing issues on the preview screen.

I'm so happy that you won 3rd place in the Beginners category, Emmanuella.

You have a beautiful name by the way.