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Hello and thank you for writing.

First I just need to say that I can relate. Often, we tend to think we know better than our Heavenly Father. We ask for things that He knows we don't need, or will lead us in the wrong direction. Thank the Lord He doesn't answer every prayer the way we want Him to.

On the critical side, you have some run-on sentences. You could use some work on your sentence structure. For instance:

"I think I made him so angry with my constant request and nags or maybe he just pitied me the whole time because I was one ignorant person who had no clue what I was asking for."


"What I was really asking for was an opportunity to gain admission into a particular institution just so I could be far away as possible from every restriction and have the time of my life."

Both of these are not proper sentences as written. They need to be cut down, broken up, or reworded so they don't interrupt the flow of the story.

Other than that, I appreciate your wisdom. Your last sentence says a lot.

"I would just wait for him to decide."

Waiting is so terribly hard to do.
You used a very strong and vivid illustration in your piece -something we all need to be reminded of.

Well done.
You did a wonderful job with the topic. We really don't understand how God considers our requests. We think of it as bugging, God probably looks at it like, "Silly child, you really can't see past your nose." I enjoyed it very much. You have some technical issues. Like Michael mentioned, tighten up your sentences. Take your time and you will write some great things. I will be watching for more. God bless.