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Great message!
I was lamenting the fact about not doing my own devos yesterday. It is not that God is angry with us or punishes us for not doing them. But I have noticed that on the days I skip, my focus shifts from how amazing He is to how fragile my world is.

Great message and reminder. :)
How true that is!
Your heart was in this one expressing concern and hope for help.

A prayer asking the Holy Spirit to make you feel guilty while being involved in specific activities that the Spirit sees are not necessarily wrong but that you could use the time for better things is one step in the right direction.

Keep writing for your own good.
This has a foundation to be a good devotion. The world is definitely busier than it ever has, but not necessarily focusing on the right things.

I'd love to see you either turn it into a more traditional devotional with Bible readings and a prayer or expand it into a testimony and give examples of when you read the Bible (remember to start it with a capital as it is a proper noun) or when you don't, your relationship with God changes. Also, your opening line made me smile. Everyone, not just some, have limited hours in the day. Of course I know what you meant, but be careful when you write things like that.

You have a certain style that I think you can enhance the more you write. It reads much like an essay, which is fine if that is what you are going for. You are on topic, but you don't necessarily need to take the topic literally (your story doesn't need to be a definition of the topic). I'd urge you to read and comment on as many entries as possible in the higher levels to get an idea of the various ways stories can be on topic. Keep writing.