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Yes, we all need words of affirmation.

Since you didn't use your allotted 750 words for this entry, you could have expanded this. I'd have liked to see an example of an actual circumstance where you received the words you needed--or perhaps a time when you needed kind words and did not receive them. This could be written as a conversation, and would be likely to drawn in the reader.

Thank you for encouraging us to use our words to build people up.
You have a very clear message and did a good job conveying your thoughts in an easy to understand style. I was a little confused by some of your punctuation and not sure what was dialogue and what was not. You can get help here on the site or on the internet as a refresher. Keep writing!
Words can brighten someone's day or they can darken it. That being said, I would like to brighten your day: keep practicing and your writing will get better and better! Blessings!
Many are raised, work, or are yoked in an environment of only negative hurtful words. Thanks for encouraging us to speak only good words. I would encourage you to read, read again, put down your submission to check for th ode minor errors that distract from your good thoughts. Polish, polish, polish. God bless.
That was an example. I read it again and still didn't catch what my tablet changed automatically.