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Wow - you have had it rough. As I read your testimony, my heart goes out to you. God WILL give you a fresh start. This touched me.

Now, on the practical side, there is so much potential here for a great 'first person' account.

It's so easy to do, but you 'tell' rather than 'show'.

There are quite a few grammatical errors. Be sure to proof read and check on'Ann's and Jan's sites. There is so much there to help get our writing where it needs to be.

Keep writing, and continue doing the weekly Challenge. You will be blessed, and your writing will improve!

God bless -
Thank you for sharing your story with us...and your testimony and heart for God will bring that want you're praying for. God will touch you as you speak to Him in earnest.

Our God is an awesome God and there is no end to His love, mercy and protection.

I wish I could hug you in person, but my words will have to suffice.

Keep on writing for the LORD and your words will never cease.

GOD bless you~
I really like your life story. The pain is felt when you were mistreated but also the joy of success as you studied writing in college.

Your story should be of help to others in the Freedom group sessions. Those here on Faithwriters who read your work may also be helped.

There will be many here who will encourage you in your writing. In your piece which word did you want: accept a paper route or except a paper route? Check these too words since they sound alike and are spelled similar.

Good work. Keep writing.