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This is an interesting take on the Tower of Babel. I'd have lived to see you expand even more on it. As humans, we often think our way is easier. Oh boy, we couldn't be farther from the truth. It's only when we hand it over to God do we even stand a chance.
Yes, those after the flood were not pleasing to God. He had wanted them to disperse over the earth again so he had to intervene in his own way.

Today God still intervenes but he many times uses other people or even nations to bring about his desires for the people and nations of the earth.
I find that it's usually more effective to incorporate Scripture into the entry itself than to begin with it--when you open with Scripture, people often skip over it to get to the article itself. It's the sort of opening that's taught in schools as one way to open a nonfiction essay, but thus, it's become a bit predictable and less effective.

More specific examples would also be helpful--you have some general statements about the state of things, but giving concrete examples can further illustrate your point. For example, could you have written more about how the building of the Tower of Babel was an 'easy' thing?
It appears that this is written as a devotional? I also like the "take" on the reason for building the Tower. Cannot say that has crossed my mind before. Thank you for bringing it up. You got you idea across in minimal verbage. Other than a missing word or two and a missing line between paragraphs - I think well done. Oh, I like to see which translation you used in the scripture quote (i.e. NIV, ASB, ESB, NRSV, KJV, etc..)
Congratulations, Gloria, on placing 1st place in the Beginners category and moving up to the Intermediate category.

I thought you had a good start to your devotional but needed to incorporate more specific detail about the process.
Congratulations on your level win. I agree with the other commenters- there was a lot of room for expansion of your good ideas.