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I love your title, and can really identify with your poem.
I would like to have seen the puzzle metaphor drawn out more.
The hope God's sovereignty gives us is something we all need to be reminded of at times.
God bless~
Wow this is really powerful. If nothing else happens with this piece, know God used your words to touch my heart in ways you can't imagine. I just learned my daughter's baby will not be arriving next spring. We are all hurting and asking why, yet throughout it all, God is present and lifting us up. Thank you for obeying him when he called you to write this.
I liked the thoughts of fear, pain and failure in this poem. It seems that God is in the process of doing some pruning as we are the branched of the vine and he needs to prune some branches from us so we will produce more fruit.

It also brought the thoughts of James 1 to mind where the trials are to be thought of as "joys" because the trials are Gods way of growing us to maturity. Then James tells us if we don't understand to ask for wisdom.

I like the way the poem uses the three Bible characters as examples but I would use the word "or" instead of "and" as the connector.

Keep the poems coming.
Your title drew me in. You expressed many ways that life seems out of control in this world.

I thought your poem had many profound ideas.
When free verse is structured like traditional poetry (in this case, in 4-line stanzas), the reader's eyes and poetic 'ears' expect rhyme and meter. Since this is free verse, I'd recommend that you experiment some more with freedom of lines and spacing--see if you can choose very short lines (even of just a word or two) or very long lines to assist in the flow and the meaning of the poem.
Congratulations, Caleb, for placing 1st place in the Beginners category and moving up to the Intermediate level. I am so happy for you! I know you have worked hard and look forward to reading more of your poems.
Caleb, I'm so happy to see you get first place in your level. I'm doing my happy Dance for you!
Caleb, I really liked your title and how you brought to mind about our trials. I agree that for free verse the format you used I was looking for rhyming. I can only write rhyming verse myself, have not tried free verse. I am a beginner and have lots to learn. Congrats on getting No. One
Congratulations, Caleb, for your 1st place award for this lovely poem.
Caleb, Congratulations on your first place in the beginners category. Movin on up to the intermediate category.

It is so exciting to learn that all your hard work and dedicated writings in poetry have advanced you into a new level.