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Wonderful message.
Nicely done.
God bless~
This is quite lovely. I could picture the darkness creep over the land and almost hear the sounds. You painted a brilliant picture. I live in the country and so appreciate the night sounds. Walking under the stars is my favorite time. I struggled a bit in seeing the topic. I think maybe you were going for all parts fitting together as God, the ultimate puzzle maker, assures there is a piece for everything, but I felt it a bit of a stretch. Ideally, I'd be able to guess the topic without knowing it. You do have a poetic way about you. Your words have an artistic feel, and I enjoyed it a great deal.
I liked the poetic quality of your piece. It felt like the night-time coming alive.

Watch that you don't change tenses within the same paragraph--present to past to present. You don't need to capitalize the word medicine because it is a common noun. I agree with Shann that the judges will probably mark you down for using this week's topic word throughout the piece.

I see much promise in your prose and hope you continue writing.
Your writing is quite lyrical and lovely.

I have a very difficult time discerning the topic of 'puzzzle' in this entry, and I suspect that the judges may downrate it a bit, therefore. It's a difficult line to walk; you don't want to wave the topic in your readers' faces, but neither do you want to be so subtle that that topic can't be found. There's an article about writing to topic in the FaithWriters forums; that might be helpful for you in writing on topic. Because I believe you'd do well in this contest otherwise--this writing is rich in imagery, and quite pleasant to read.
Congratulations, Gloria, for placing 2nd place in the Beginners level. I enjoyed your style of writing and look forward to reading more of your work.
Gloria, Congratulations on your second place win in the Beginner category.

I liked how your writings seemed to come to life with the sounds of animals and insects alike.

If you focus on nailing the topic next week, I can see you moving up into another level fairly quickly.