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God does work in miraculous ways. I am sorry that other Christians were hypocritical in their behavior.

Make sure to capitalize the words Christian and I.
God works in ways many of us do not understand but when we obey what God commands and lives by the teaching in the New Testament we know we have our sins forgiven and become a child of God, our heavenly Father.
This is a lovely testimony. I can really feel your passion. Try to find someone to proofread for you. The errors (words like I, Christian, and ones starting a sentence should be capitalized while random words like Pastor, Father, Parents shouldn't start with a capital unless they are proper nouns, and incomplete sentences) distracted me. You definitely wrote on topic. You left me with a smile. I look forward to reading more of your work.
Congratulations, Cyril, on your 4th place finish in the Beginners category this week.