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This is well-written, with good pacing.

I encourage you to be more specific in the incidents you portray. Instead of mentioning the support of family and friends, for example, write about a specific veggie lasagna or the time when someone gave her tickets to see a comedy movie. There were other spots where you could have done similar 'specific-izing.'

I look forward to reading more from you here.
I think this is quite brilliant. I can relate in a different way because August reminds me of my mom's premature death. I spend so much time mourning her, even though years have passed. Sure this could use a bit of tweaking, but I think you did a grand job of writing on topic, not only the month, but the years that have fluttered away, the discarded calendars are much like the discarded hopes and dreams. You have a great message here.
Very creative. And I understood the the concept you were striving for, having just completed a cancer journey with my husband who passed away one year ago. Keep up the good work.
I like the thoughts and ideas found in the letter to the older me. I take this to be a true account of a situation but I would not just apply it to those who have gone through a similar situation. Each one of us has a younger me and an older me. Whether we are old or young we should be yielding ourselves to God's work. If we are alive, GOD IS NOT THROUGH WITH US YET. Age may change what we are able to do physically but not what God is able to do through us and we don't know what God wants to do through us until we live through those days he wants it done.

I like your well expressed personal story and its encouragement.
A unique take on this topic that drew me in from the first sentence. My own mother just recently battled cancer, and I saw her in many of the points of your article. I'm sure this will resonate with many readers whose lives were changed due to cancer. Thanks for sharing.
I thoroughly enjoyed your well-written piece. Your descriptive writing made me feel like I was riding along with you. Great job!