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Your thoughts are very organized & clear. I could feel your emotion as you wrote about each family member.
You have summarized the struggles in your life very well. Your poem transitioned from each problem to the next with ease and understanding. Yet, there was hope at the end that God was in control! Great job! God Bless!
It is a challenge and somewhat frightening to ask ourselves: "Am I doing what God has gifted me to be doing at this moment in time."

Yes, our mind goes from time to time without focusing on the future and that how I have lived will affect it.

Keep thinking and expressing yourself.
Your poem painted a very clear picture of the concerns and issues in your life.

One thing you might want to work on is the flow of your poem. It's set up in four stanzas, and the reader expects a structured poem like this to have similar meter and rhythm in each stanza. Since it's not a rhyming poem, you don't need precise rhythm, but this just felt a bit bumpy to me, along with some forced construction. I wonder if the same little vignettes might have worked just as well as prose.

The last few stanzas were lovely, with eloquently expressed hope.
You've shared a lot about your life in this poem, and your love for your family is unmistakable. I like the way your last line circles back to the title.
This is a lovely poem. You really touched on a lot of things as you went through the different trials and triumphs. Even though you mention the word calendar, I felt like you missed the topic a bit. It was more about getting through life, perserving. I do think there is a powerful message in here though, and I had a lump in my throat more than once.