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I like how you introduced the conflict early on. I could tell by his body language and thoughts that he was wrestling with a serious problem. It drew me in and made me eager to keep reading.

Be careful about POV shifts. Not only did you switch up the timeline, (you started at the office, but the next paragraph he was back home), but you also hopped into his wife's head. You can show her body language and dialog, but the reader should only know what the MC says, hears, and thinks. You could easily fix it like this:

As Secretary of State Dillard entered his kitchen, his wife smiled at him. A feeling of guilt washed over him. Poor Bertha looks worried. He shoveled his eggs in, swiped his mouth with his napkin, and stood up to kiss his wife goodbye.
"Drive safely, my love." Bertha's arms lingered around his neck.
He hated to pull away, but had to leave.
As he hurried to work, he squinted through the darkness and sighed. I have to get there early so I can have some peace and quiet while I finish yesterday's paperwork.
When he reached the office, he swiped his security card twice before the door opened.

I switched the order, put the MC's thoughts in italics, and showed Bertha's worry and love with her body language and his thoughts.

You do a great job of showing his exhaustion and worry both with his actions and his thoughts. You definitely highlighted the topic throughout the entire passage. You also brought up relevant issues throughout the whole world. I believe pretty much everyone can relate to the political tension. You did a fine job, and I look forward to reading more of your work.
A nice read. I would be unusual if every government business decision was this easy.

This would be too easy an ending to a short story of government business but nicely written.