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Thanks for your interesting Challenge entry. I love the amusing note about not procrastinating to eat chocolate! Haha... I also like the observation you made about "When we die there will be no more time; we will be in the realm of eternity." I think humans tend to overlook that. The reason Hell and Heaven are eternal is because there is no time! Great thought. "Behold now is the time - today is the day of salvation".
Simple, but powerful. My mother passed away when she was 59 and it is so true you don't know what tomorrow brings. Thankfully we have Jesus and He gives us more meaning to enjoy life no matter how small things seem. I think I'll go get a piece of chocolate now. You made me smile. Thank you.
This is a good teaching piece about procrastination. You do have one paragraph, though, about enjoying things that are also things that cannot be "put off" since they are commands we must obey since God will be judging us using his word as his guide. We cannot put off forgiving others, smiling, apologizing, showing love to neighbors, as well as the others.

Jesus said, if we were guilty in one area, we are guilty of them all so we have to be very careful with what we choose to procrastinate on.