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This is interesting. It certainly holds significant truths. I read only this morning that the ruler of this world has been judged and the double meanings around computer speak was really clever. I think I would have enjoyed it more had it been written from from the view point of ... say Michael. For some reason I keep hearing a warning in the words...'the Lord rebuke you Satan'. I can't really stand to give the Father of Lies a voice
I think this is quite clever. My minister has told me several times that Satan's biggest weapon is that many people don't believe in him. I think you definitely wrote on topic too. Your message that Jesus will forgive if we confess our sins and invite him into our hearts is a great message.
In any article we write for Christ that hopes to help others turn to Jesus, including reference to repentance brings that one closer to having their sins forgiven.

Faith follows after God's ways.

Keep using your creative writing skills as you follow after God's ways.
Wonderful message, well done!

Congratulations, Art, on placing highly commendable in the Beginners category.

God only gives Satan so much latitude on this earth. Very creative take on this week's topic.
Art, The opening pulled me into reading your story. Spot on topic.

Congratulations on highly commendable.