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Great message! Amen...
Good job with this.

This is very well written. I will just have to set my compass every morning and pray for no interference.
Good message and well written.
Via the “Throw a Brick” thread- I enjoyed your article about staying on course. The last paragraph reminded me of devotional writing. Overall, I think replacing some of the informative material with a personal account about getting lost and having to navigate by compass might have drawn me in even more. Good job, and welcome to brick-throwing :)
Very descriptive and informative. I like the humour in your beginning about North feeling a little conspicuous with so many things pointing at it.
Your devotional challenge is also very positive.
My only concern is that it needs extra paras - each with one idea - to give your readers some breathing and reflection space. Otherwise, excellent.
I think you did a great job of writing on topic. You have a delightful, yet subtle sense of humor that kept me smiling throughout.
My main red ink would be to tighten up your sentences some. Your opening line was quite long and left me scratching my head a bit. The other thing I noticed is you switched your voice several times, starting with first person singular to second person (which would work great with your sense of humor), to third person plural back to second and first plural. By picking one voice (I'd recommend the second person in this case, which isn't easy to pull off and should be used sparingly), it would really add to your story.

I think your message is great; you have incredible potential. Keep writing and reading and commenting on other entries too. I have a feeling you will blossom at an amazing pace.
I love the message that was conveyed in your writing and how you compared and contrasted the compass to pointers in the christian's life(the Bible and Jesus). Good job!
Congratulations, Mike on your 3rd place win in the Beginners category.

Congratulations on ranking 3rd in your level and 20th overall. The highest rankings can be found on the message boards.
Congratulations on 3rd Place!