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This is a lovely poem that really shows how much Jesus lives us. Others may see it better than I, but other than the first line, it felt weak on topic to me. I get that in Jesus' eyes we are super sweet so maybe that's where you were going topic wise. The words are lovely and flow off the page, giving the reader hope. Nice job.
Good thoughts we all should keep in mind.
Beautiful job and powerful message!

My favorite line of the poem is: Mind the eye candy / they are visual images / attractive and entertaining / but of little benefit to the mind.

I'm guessing this is your writing, Caleb. I can tell you really enjoy poetry!

Stanza One was confusing to me. Is the candy or the child pleasing.

The first three stanzas talked about candy, but I wasn't sure how the last four paragraphs fit the topic.

It is exciting to see you develop as a writer.
Congratulations, Caleb, on placing highly commendable in the Beginners category.
Congratulations on being Highly Commended.