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You definitely had me engaged. I wondered if this was a true story, which would explain why you didn't list the company's name. This one thing DID make it feel a bit distant, but I totally understand if that IS the case. Great last line too.
Excellent writing and wonderful job with the topic.

Well done!

Very interesting. I enjoyed it. I noticed a couple of things I think were probably typos where words were omitted. I can't remember them now that I;m on this screen. One was in the 2nd paragraph and the other in the last or next to last para.

Congratulations, Raymond, on your 1st place in the Beginners Category and advancing to the Intermediate category. I am glad integrity won out in the end. Your plot was well thought out. My favorite line was: Stress was high, and just as stock prices rise and fall, so do the fortunes of those trading them.

You were missing part of the verb in the following sentence: A down-swing [had] plagued the corporation for a while now.
Congratulations on ranking 1st in your level and 17 overall. The highest rankings can be found on the message boards.
Thanks, everyone, for your feedback and comments.
I liked how you put it-"God-had just been an add-on to my life."

Unfortunately that seems to happen more often than I'd like to consider...

Nicely written and congratulations on your level win.