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Jesus did have a wide range of friends, a tax collector, a prostitute, fisherman, and many others.
Wonderful job!

Another poem. I'm liking this.

The author of poems does not have to have a pattern of rhyming words or of a repeating meter.

I liked the single thought in each group of lines.
I liked how you weaved your poems with many of the people met along the way. Jesus does invite us all.
You make some nice points and I enjoyed your examples from the Bible and from real life. Poetry isn't my strong suit. I struggle with rhythm, but some of your lines made me stumble. I try to ask someone to read my work aloud to me. If they stumble at all, then I know I need to tweak it some. Keep writing and reading and commenting on other entries. You have some great thoughts and potential to do great things with your clear love and desire to share Jesus' love with others.
I'm glad you had a chance to enter this week, Caleb. I enjoy reading your work.