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Great description of the trail you walk on. I admire your dedication.

I noticed that sometimes you switched between the past and present tense. It is very easy to do, so you might try to read your story out loud or compare verbs in the sentences.
I loved your story! Well done.

All trails should be thought of as an adventure with no "dead end" in sight.
As you travel the trail, also listen to the sounds when there is no sound.
As you write about this adventure take time to describe in detail all the sights, sounds, smells and your heart beats. Carry a small thesaurus for the words you will need.

Good project. Summer is coming.
Your opening seemed to point to the trail as a metaphor. At the end, your story appears to mean that you intend to hike the Appalachian Trail, and the metaphor never gets developed. That would probably take a longer article than the challenge allows. Is the Appalachian Trail really in your back yard? If so, you could make it explicit earlier. Some time, though, write about hiking as a metaphor. It has been done, but your story would be different from all others, just as your experience is.