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I am the richer for having read your entry. Today during my quiet time I was 'just wondering Lord - where is it in the Bible that we are assured that you care about us-as individuals?' The words of Jesus about leaving the ninety nine sheep in search of the 100th came to me instantly. I didn't look it up but reveled in the joy. Now you provide the reference. Definitely the Lord. Thank you for your mail :))
One of my favorite pleasures is opening a note or card and reading the words of a family member or friend.

I thought the line about my friend being a straight person was a little confusing.
This is a lovely testimonial. I enjoyed your encouragement to write more letters. It is becoming a lost art for sure. I'm guessing this is nonfiction, and sometimes that can become a bit dry. Don't be afraid to write creative nonfiction. I might encourage you to focus on just one letter and expand on it more. For example, you could do something like this: After closing my Bible, I suddenly felt the Spirit talking to me. "You need to write to Joe."
I stood up and shook my head. But, I haven't spoken to him in ages!
As much as I tried to avoid it, God didn't stop nagging me. Finally, I gave in and picked up my pen. Dear, Joe,
You've been on my mind quite a bit lately...

I know I took liberties, but sometimes I think seeing an example is more helpful. Of course, you'd tweak it to make it your own. (Maybe you don't resist God's calling, but I know I do, but he never stops, and eventually I give in. Then I'm blessed more than I could dream possible.)

You have some great advice, and I believe God is planning on using your words in ways you might never imagine. Don't be afraid to use all 750 words. I believe you have a lot to say. I can definitely feel your passion as I read. Keep reading and writing. You're doing a splendid job.