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Great piece, very inspiring
Good use of dialogue.
I enjoyed this story of determination. You clearly demonstrate advocacy in acttion, which musst, indeed, be directed toward family occasionally. You equally adeptly express the challenge of fear that many parents who have a child witha disability must surmount.
This is not criticism, just another viewpoint, or some brainstorming. Other possible titles: "Never Giving Up" "I'll Never Give Up" "Vision of Hope" Vision for the Future."
I don't know if blindness touches your life closely, but if so, you may enjoy my autobiographical poem in the challenge a few years back called "Kaleidoscope."
Good luck!
Great job! I love the way you let your characters talk for you. That can be a real challenge for me.

Glad to see you in the challenge:)
Enjoyed your dialogue. I also like the way your main character is indefatigable not only in pursuing a teaching degree, but also in pushing past the nay-saying of the mom-- not to mention her tirelessness to live successfully as a blind person in a seeing world. I think you definitely covered the topic :)
You told an inspiring story by dialogue alone. Great job for this weeks topic.
I loved your MC's determination of faith.

My only red ink would be that since you had room to create a more developed and awesome ending, I would have enjoyed enjoyed learning of some fruit of her labors, perhaps a potential student of hers that went on to become the Dr. who discovered the cure for cancer-- something like that.
My brother, who is not blind, teaches Industrial arts to visually impaired students. You would be amazed at the quality of the work and the type of projects undertaken.

The MC should never give up her dream.
You've done well with this and the dialogue only approach worked well for this. Well written.
So encouraging! I love your MC's fierce determination. Your approach to dialogue is very good . . .