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Aww, that was a sweet ending although I knew it was coming. Cute story.
Adorable on so many levels!

WEll done,

Right on topic and well told. You have a flair for storytelling. Keep on writing.
I liked the interaction between Mama Bear and Baby Bear. You have a real talent for storytelling. My only suggestion would to do more showing than telling.

For example, Baby Bear scrambled behind the tree when he heard the hoot of an owl.
I feel this needs some wonderful illustrations and child to read it aloud too. It's a delightful story though the ending seemed a bit skimmed over. If permitted an extra 200 words or so to fill out the reunion and forgiveness, this story would make a beautiful picture book.

My red ink thoughts involve the large rabbit. If he poked his head out of the hole and a bear came near the natural response would be to pull back into the hole. Perhaps have baby bear spot him hopping out from behind a bush or rock or something. My other thought was when baby bear was concerned about what mama bear would do to him if he made his way home. It just sounded a bit harsh or general to me. Perhaps try something like he was scared about how Mama Bear would scold him.
I agree that this would be a nice illustrated allegory for about preschool to grade one or two. Perhaps Baby Bear needs a bit more of a scare than just being out alone for the night.
I liked this entry very much and although it didn't place in the top five in your division I'm hoping to see it on the longer list tonight.